About us

Our story

We are a local family owned, and run, company that was started in 1980 by husband and father Del Helvie doing hand painted pin stripping on cars and fleet vehicles, also doing complete race car designs, signs anything we could get our hands on. Whether it was turning on multiple heaters in the middle of a blizzard in January to finish the car or painting 15’x15’ logo on the side of a wall with just a ladder and a paintbrush he always did whatever needed to be done to finish the job with excellent professional results.

How we started

It was his dream to turn the business into a family business and that is exactly what he did by bringing on Deb Helvie wife and mother, this power couple developed the business 10 fold and brought on more work examples being corporate accounts like construction companies, trucking companies, factories and more. As their family grew they had three beautiful kids, as they got older the whole family would pitch in and learn the trade, and express their interest in different ways.

At the age of 18, their son David Helvie, following in his father’s footsteps, started to dive into the field of graphic design and screen printing.  He developed his skills just like his father and came into the company to help it grow even more.

Our mission

With the 30+ years of experience we have evolved the industry and now are the leaders in the technological age, with state of the art equipment and design software we are confident that we can provide you with any kind of service in the graphics field that you could want.